I’m Melissa, a California girl living in the Pacific Northwest with my husband and two young children. This is a blog about our growing family’s journey to create a home– a patch of earth we can tend with love. You’ll find stories here about parenting, gardening, groceries and budgets, creativity, faith, and nurturing a healthy family.

Contact me at apatchofearth (at) gmail (dot) com.

About our family

I am a writer and my husband Lyle is a blacksmith and metal artistSky (2.5) is enthusiastic about most things. Her current passions include puppet shows, pretend picnics, and helping with her baby brother Robin, who was born in January.

About this blog

The idea of blogging about motherhood started as a little tug at my heart when I was pregnant with Sky, but I kept pushing it away, pouring my creative energy into raising her and writing essays for other outlets. Pregnant with our second child, I found myself a lot sicker in the first trimester, and curled up in bed with saltines and lemon water, I started reading blogs.

When everything else was literally making me sick, I was hungry for real life stories from women going through the same things as me. I was also fascinated by the stories of women and mothers who lived really different lives than me, who shared their thoughts so openly and candidly online. I found so many of their ideas and reflections helpful, and I felt more and more that I wanted to contribute, too.

Writing has always been a part of who I am, and I’m hopeful that keeping this blog will help me combine that love with the creativity and joy I find in mothering. I hope that I will be prayerful in what I choose to write about here. Whenever there’s a recurring, gentle push to do something in my life, it’s usually God saying, Hey pay attention, there’s something here for you. I want my writing here to be helpful and encouraging like others’ blogs have been for me.

My Why: to answer a call, to create a “home” for both my writing and my mothering, and to be part of a community of women telling the real stories of our lives.

Thanks for reading!