Third Trimester and First Few Weeks

32 Weeks

I left off at 27 weeks, and it took us a while to catch up with our not-so-weekly pictures. Lyle caught the flu virus, Sky had a cold, and at 32 weeks I came down with the flu, too. It really slammed me.

35 Weeks

By 35 weeks I was finally starting to feel better, but I’d definitely lost some weight and strength after three full weeks of exhaustion and illness.

38 Weeks

This ended up being our last bump pic! We took this on New Year’s Eve, shortly after returning from church. The next day, we went for a walk at the Rhododendron Garden and I started having some deep pelvic pain that reminded me of the day before Sky was born. I remember being barely able to walk a short distance up Hawthorne with Lyle to get coffee, and having to stop and lean on fences and walls to breathe through the pain. I had zero appetite and just wanted to sit at the coffee shop while Lyle had coffee. So this time, it made us wonder if baby would be coming a bit early. Still, it was a gorgeous day, sunny and cold, and we took our time meandering along the paths and pausing every so often so I could breathe through the pain. I’m pretty sure it was cervical ripening and my body was just getting ready.

39 Weeks, 3 Days…

Our son Robin was born two weeks later, on January 12. It happened really fast (birth story to come) and we were SO happy to finally meet our boy!

40 Weeks

Here we are on his due date, Jan 15, going for our first (super short) stroll around the block. Thankfully he likes being in the wrap! I’ve mostly been resting, trying to stay in bed and slowly building up the distance I walk each day. We’ve been really lucky to have Lyle’s parents in town for two whole weeks to help while I heal and we adjust to being a family of 4!

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